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The original Maxpax brand was introduced to the U.K. as a Maxpax Incup Drink in the 1970’s. The slogan for the brand was ‘The Secret’s in the Cup’. After very many years of success the branding was all removed and replaced with ‘Kenco’ and the Maxpax name was left dormant in the U.K. for the last 17 years or more.

Now after seeing the product in decline for such a long period the Kenco Incup Drinks owner Mondelez decided to announce the end of the Product being packed by them.
Our Directors and staff at the NEW company Maxpax Limited, formed 31st January 2013, decided to do something about this. So they commissioned a new Packing Line, Sleeve Sealer and built the new factory after securing the necessary Product Licences, from other big Brands like Unilever.

By November 2013, the factory was finally ready and the first Maxpax Limited paper cup came rolling off the Production Line. Bovril was the first product ever packed by us.
Then in the next few weeks came, Knorr Tomato Soup, but not the old product produced by Kenco, this time it is the original recipe with all the Knorr taste you would expect. This was then quickly followed by original recipe Knorr Chicken Soup, which then again was followed by Knorr Vegetable Soup.

Maxpax Limited then re-introduced a Colombian Coffee but not just any old Colombian, the NEW product is 100% Colombian Coffee made with 100% Arabica Beans (the best beans). Plus Maxpax Limited have put 13.5% more Coffee in the Cup than the previously sold version.Today we pack 20 different products, from Kenco Smooth and Rich, to Maxwell House Cappuccino, to even making our own tea bags for the PG Tips tea bag tea. All of this is done in our factory here in Newent.

All our Incup Products are packed in cases of 15×25 Cups (375 Cups per Case).
Our Telephone Number is 0845 643 9958, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or enquiries as our staff will be more than happy to help!